Confessions From a Semi-Green Life

I have a confession to make. I am not all that green.

Oh, I think about being green all the time, but usually when I’m busy not being green.

I fantasize about a Prius V -  in fact, I cheerfully greet each Prius V that I pass with a chirpy “hellooo, Prius V!” as though we will soon be together … but I’m still in the minivan. A lot.

I think to myself that, really, composting should be something that we just take for granted, like recycling; everybody recycles, right? But it’s a busy morning, or it’s cold outside, and I’m just not up for walking out to the compost bin today, and so the coffee grounds go down the garbage disposal yet again. And again. And again.

I try to buy from local farmers and eat with the seasons, but my kids are spending this winter eating their weight in clementines, avocados, and blueberries.

Aaaand, we self-righteously boycotted Black Friday and took a family hike instead …

… but really, I have already done more than my fair share of shopping for the holidays. It just didn’t take place on Black Friday.

My life is busy and chaotic. I want to be green, I really do. But I’m not there. It takes a lot of effort, and, quite frankly, I love to shop. I confess: I love stuff. I’ll be honest – there is a part of me that aspires to a fabulous lifestyle. I’m rapidly approaching 40 and a friend of mine has planted this idea in my head of being “fabulous at 40,” and, well, you’d be surprised at how much, for me, “fabulous” is synonymous with “purchasing lots of cool stuff from the mall.”

But I hate what all of this stuff is doing to the planet. Is there a happy medium? Can I have the fabulous without the guilt? Can we?

I don’t think there are easy answers to this. But I do think it’s worth having the conversation.

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5 comments to Confessions From a Semi-Green Life

  • I’d say you are pretty green! Don’t be too hard on yourself (a bit of shopping is allowed! Especially when you’ve a birthday coming up!)

  • Happy to see you back at this, Bethesda Locavore! I am in total agreement with you on this—but the first step is at least feeling guilty about not being green? At least that’s what I keep telling myself. And really, don’t we just get a free pass to do whatever needs to be done to feel fabulous in our 40th year? It’s hard enough to deal with without shopping. :)

    • Bethesda Locavore

      You are right – feeling guilty is the first step. I think what comes next is the hardest – feeling the guilt and then choosing to do something about it rather than push it away. But oh, the shopping is so wonderful … :-)

  • yamster

    Oh, you’re back! You’re so good about cleaning things out when you bring things in, and I agree that turning 40 means giving yourself some leeway to shop! I think the guilt will always be there — someone is always greener than you are (unless you’re the one living in a tent in the woods, eating berries and mushrooms).

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