Really, Who Has the Time?

This local eating thing does take some extra time, doesn’t it? I am gradually coming to the painful conclusion that at this point in my life (the kids will be 3 and 6 this summer) we simply don’t have the time for weekend farmers’ market runs, weekend grocery runs, birthday parties, family outings, and whatever else we may attempt on a weekend. My kids are little. Time is precious. I want to move at a slower pace with them.

What to do? Eating food produced by local small-scale farmers is a pretty big priority for me. I know I’m not the only one who feels the time crunch – if you, too, have been thinking you’d like to eat locally but are pressed for time, here are a few options I’ve uncovered:

  • Bon Vivant and Arganica both offer a delivery service with online ordering. (Think Peapod for locavores, but without the detergent or toilet paper.) Both offer a nice selection of goods from local farms. Bon Vivant in particular is really big on grass-fed animals. The owner’s been at the Bethesda Central Farm Market lately; you can go talk with him directly and get all of your questions answered. (I swear he looks like Vince Vaughn.)
  • Good Fortune Farm and Rocklands Farm are two nearby organic CSA operations that will deliver right to your door for an extra fee. (Surely there are more.) Join up with a few neighbors and split the delivery cost! Think of the fun you’ll have sharing the CSA experience with a buddy.
  • MOM’s Organic Market, which may possibly be the best supermarket on the planet, will be hosting CSA pickups this year. Do your weekly grocery run, TerraPass your gas, and get your CSA box all in one outing! How convenient is that? Even’ Star Organic Farm will be delivering to the Rockville location on Thursdays. Oh, how I love MOM’s … I could write an entire post detailing the many reasons why … and the new Rockville location will be even better. Go check them out even if you’re not doing the CSA.
  • Finally, the wonderful, wonderful Bethesda Central Farm Market – my favorite Sunday outing – is preparing to move to Bethesda Elementary School, which means … big parking lot with adjacent playground and soccer field. Could there be any better news for the locavore parent? One parent runs around with the kids, the other shops, the car is right there … sigh … it won’t have the same urban feel as the current location, but wow, will it be more convenient.

Tons of options! Surely one of these will fit into your schedule. For our family, after much deliberation, we’re signing up for a CSA home delivery with a neighbor, and we’re looking forward to sharing both the delivery cost and recipe ideas.

Do you feel that eating locally puts a crimp in your schedule? How do you make it work?

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14 comments to Really, Who Has the Time?

  • Liz

    South Mountain Creamery will deliver milk, eggs, cheese, butter, yogurt, and meat. We got a ham a couple of weeks ago that the kids have been loving! And there is no turning back for us now that we’ve started :) !

    • Bethesda Locavore

      Yes! Can’t believe I didn’t include them. Thanks for reminding me! EVERYONE I know who gets South Mountain Creamery delivered absolutely loves them.

  • These are such great tips. I can’t even imagine how you do it! Think CSAs are such a great way to do it – plus, it gets your kids excited about seeing what surprises are in the box!

  • Thanks for those suggestions. I hope the delivery people come out my way…that’d be fantastic! I don’t have small kids in my life and I still have a hard time fitting the farmer’s market in to my routine. I shop at MOM’s and the Maple Avenue Market, and send my hubby out to the garden.

    Did you grow those radishes in the picture? They are gorgeous!

    • Bethesda Locavore

      MOM’s is the best, isn’t it? We did grow those … they are chiogga beets. I think they are supposed to be darker … still a novice at this gardening thing :-)

  • Love this. I opted for a home-delivery CSA and my first veggies arrive today. Now the trick will be to find/make the time to prepare them all!

  • Liz

    All – I’m currently reading An Everlasting Meal – my inspiration to prepare all my veggies soon after they arrive in my home. Just watch this video – – and be ready to be inspired!

  • We use South Mountain Veggies as our fruit and veggie delivery service. It’s an offshoot of South Mountain Creamery. I’ve had a great experience with them—you can get a custom box where you choose what you want, and the produce is all organic. All local where possible in the winter, and entirely local in the summer months.

  • Thank you for including Bon Vivant and our online market and CSA box options – We also agree, he does look like Vince – and he gets that quite a lot, too funny!

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