November at the Silver Spring FreshFarm Market

We checked out the Silver Spring FreshFarm market this morning. This is one of the few nearby markets remaining open all winter long. Saturday mornings from 9-1 until January, then it’s 10-1. (Check the website for details/updates.) It’s on Ellsworth Drive between Fenton and Georgia – you know, that really fun street with the fountain for the kids in the summer. Convenient free parking on Saturdays. And lots of nearby cafes and great shopping. And there’s still plenty of beautiful, fresh-from-the-farm food.

And man, it was COLD out there. At least first thing in the morning – no sunshine. But I must say, for a freezing late November market, it was really impressive! I’ve got a thing for grass-fed beef and sustainable agriculture, and it’s one of those things I always feel so awkward asking about. So I appreciate some good signage. And this market had good signage.

See? Perfect. I’m sold. And it was like this up and down the market street.

And you don’t need a fancy professional sign, either – just tell me about your stuff!

Thank you. Grass-fed, pasture-raised, I’m yours. And great signage aside, one thing I appreciate about the FreshFarm markets is the online listing of vendors with descriptions - I like to know who is growing the food, how they are growing it, and I like a little reassurance that they aren’t dumping toxic sludge all over it, that they’ve got woodland fairies blessing the turnips, birds chirping happily in verdant meadows, stuff like that. It’s good to be able to look up a particular vendor if they don’t have a sign.

I didn’t take a picture of the baked goods, but they had at least two bakeries there as well.

And cheese.

And more cheese. We love cheese. Our daughter especially loves it when samples are offered.

The tomato guy from the Bethesda FreshFarm market was there too, with his beautiful pesticide-free tomatoes.

And veggies. I am finally going to try the yummy-sounding spaghetti squash recipe left in the comments section a while back.

At the very end of the street, apples with an intriguing Food Alliance Certified sign.

A cold morning. Dedicated farmers. Great food. Worth the drive. Go support a freezing farmer.

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