Local Condiments for the Busy Locavore

My progress in learning to cook locally has slowed to a crawl. But darn it, I can still shop - check out what I found at the Sunday morning market:

That’s right – local ketchup and mustard. Delicious. I was not expecting to find these. Farmer Nicole of Two Acre Farm - there’s nothing she can’t do. She’s always cooking up something new.

Now why am I not cooking? And why – in case you noticed – during the entire month of June, not a single peep out of me here?

Well, my sister and I – both born in June. Then both of my children – also born in June. That’s four important family birthdays – one of which merited a homemade pinata this year. And then there’s fathers’ day. And houseguests. And minor surgery for the big kid (she’s totally fine, no worries!), and potty training for the little guy.

And most of this was done with a much-needed finger bandaged up from my mishap with a mandoline.

That was one busy month. I’m still recovering from it.

Therefore, we are eating a lot of frozen boxed chicken nuggets. I aspire to a locavore lifestyle, but I won’t kill myself for it.

So hooray for local mustard – making me feel like a locavore when I’m so not one right now.

In fall, when school and nap schedules collide to give me actual free time once again, I’ll do a lot more cooking. And progress will resume. After I get over the initial shock of the solitude.

Two Acre Farm is at the Bethesda Central Farm Market, Sunday mornings by Jaleo, 9-1. If you’re in Bethesda and this market is not a part of your weekly routine, I highly recommend checking it out – it’s fantastic!

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