Green and Neurotic

January Crocuses

My crocuses are blooming mighty early this year. These crocuses do tend to come out early, so I honestly can’t remember if this is their normal bloom time or not, but either way, it’s got me thinking about this world we live in – this warming globe of ours.

So as I schlep the kids around town in my . . . → Read More: Green and Neurotic

Tomatoland, Part II

Fall heirloom tomatoes

Oh, Tomatoland, where on earth do I start?

Around the time I started reading Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook, I came upon these end-of-season tomatoes at the farmers’ market. The young guy manning the stand smiled proudly at me and announced cheerfully that he’d picked them himself that morning, that it was his family’s farm. And of course, . . . → Read More: Tomatoland, Part II

Tomatoland, Part I

Sungold Tomato Plant

I just cracked open my library copy of Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook.

Oh my. The backstory of the supermarket tomato that tastes like cardboard is uglier than I thought. I’m almost afraid to keep reading. I kind of feel like shutting my eyes to it, you know? Like, I don’t really buy supermarket tomatoes often anyway, except in . . . → Read More: Tomatoland, Part I

Taking Stock

Walking to the Beach

Vacation is over. I’m getting the kids settled into their new school routines, and I now have small pockets of time all to myself, to begin tackling the chaos that is our home. To be honest, it feels almost like a fresh start. I’ve been running on a treadmill with small kids for five years now, . . . → Read More: Taking Stock

When Blueberry Season Ends

Local Blueberries

Have you gorged yourselves on blueberries this summer the way we have? I mean, back when they were plentiful at the markets?

And now the season is coming to a close. We have moved on to melons, peaches. I think I may have consumed my weight in melons and peaches in the past two weeks.

I am . . . → Read More: When Blueberry Season Ends