Stymied by Radishes

My CSA is about to begin delivery. I am very excited. I am also aware that I am about to be presented with a situation.


Here, with some turnips. Turnips, I can handle. I do like them roasted. But radishes … oh, what on earth do you do with radishes? I have never, ever, ever liked radishes.

Except once. My brother-in-law, who is sort of a culinary genius, whipped up some brilliant meal a while back that made me sit up and say, WOW, radishes are AMAZING!

And of course he couldn’t remember what he did to make them taste that way. He tried to remember, I tried to recreate it with my beautiful radish/turnip melange, and I got this:

Bleh. That was really, really unappetizing.

What the heck do you do with a radish??

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7 comments to Stymied by Radishes

  • I have no earthy idea. I’ve never liked them either. You’ll have to let me know what you come up with….

  • Whatcha going to do with them?? I never used to like radishes, but one way I’ve had it – so ridiculously easy, just some radish, sea salt, Alouette or other cheese spread on a cracker. That’s it!

  • molly

    Ha! I feel the same way. So easy to grow, beautiful in color and appealing for the little ones to pull from the ground but I do NOT like the taste. Let me know if you figure out a solution. :)

  • Slice them super-thin and put them on toast with butter (I also like to add salt, black pepper, and parsley, but you could skip these). It sounds weird but it is actually really, really good.

  • Indian Guy

    Half them and blanche Al-Dente, then shock them cold, then refrigerate. Then, roast them like you would small redskinned potatoes, with some garlic and fresh garden italian herbs, like rosemary/thyme. Add a chili or some ground Cayenne, if you got the gumption. S&P to taste.

    Also, roll some in Olive Oil and fresh Herbs and roast them raw on the Grill, as an experiment… aliminum foil with butter maybe (foil steamed)?

  • I agree with everyone above that radishes taste good sliced thin and served with some cold salted butter.
    The radish greens can also be sauteed with butter and garlic; they taste similar to mustard greens.
    I actually just wrote something about what to do with radishes. My boyfriend recommended a recipe of baked radish chips (somewhat similar to the idea of kale chips), but I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe if you get radishes again from your CSA you can try that?

  • Stacy

    My husband barbeques them – they end up tasting like turnip! It takes all the bitterness out, makes them very mild. You can saute them too…just cook til tender.

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