An Apple Tart to Inspire You

How’s this for seasonal inspiration?

A very dear friend of mine … well, let’s just say she REALLY knows her way around a kitchen. And she cooks with so much love and attention to detail that a meal in her home beats any restaurant hands-down. 

She went apple picking recently (at Crooked Run Orchard, which has quite the interesting blurb about the organic apple issue, check it out) and this is what she did with her apples. I’ll just let her pictures speak for themselves. I’m sure you’ll be inspired. Me, I’ll be imagining another warm and cozy evening of food, wine, conversation, and the comfort of an enduring friendship.

The apples:

 The assembly:

See what I mean about her attention to detail?

 Of course, the butter:

 The end result. I’m so there.


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