Hiking and Making Changes


My daughter and I went hiking today. It was one of those spontaneous hikes where you explore and discover places you never knew existed so close to home.

She joyfully ran ahead, choosing our path, scrambling over rocks, stopping to make little discoveries. We listened to the birds and threw pebbles into the . . . → Read More: Hiking and Making Changes

Confessions From a Semi-Green Life


I have a confession to make. I am not all that green.

Oh, I think about being green all the time, but usually when I’m busy not being green.

I fantasize about a Prius V -  in fact, I cheerfully greet each Prius V that I pass with a chirpy “hellooo, Prius V!” as though we will soon . . . → Read More: Confessions From a Semi-Green Life

Occupy Our Food Supply – Go Hug A Farmer

Polyface Cows

Monday is a day to Occupy Our Food Supply.

Why, yes. Let’s occupy our food supply. Factories have no business feeding us – that is a job for farmers. Real farmers who care for the land, care for the soil, care for the animals – and who deserve to hold an exalted position in society.

So, in honor . . . → Read More: Occupy Our Food Supply – Go Hug A Farmer

Green and Neurotic

January Crocuses

My crocuses are blooming mighty early this year. These crocuses do tend to come out early, so I honestly can’t remember if this is their normal bloom time or not, but either way, it’s got me thinking about this world we live in – this warming globe of ours.

So as I schlep the kids around town in my . . . → Read More: Green and Neurotic

Tomatoland, Part II

Fall heirloom tomatoes

Oh, Tomatoland, where on earth do I start?

Around the time I started reading Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook, I came upon these end-of-season tomatoes at the farmers’ market. The young guy manning the stand smiled proudly at me and announced cheerfully that he’d picked them himself that morning, that it was his family’s farm. And of course, . . . → Read More: Tomatoland, Part II