Stymied by Radishes

Radishes and Turnips

My CSA is about to begin delivery. I am very excited. I am also aware that I am about to be presented with a situation.


Here, with some turnips. Turnips, I can handle. I do like them roasted. But radishes … oh, what on earth do you do with radishes? I have never, ever, ever . . . → Read More: Stymied by Radishes

Potato and Fennel Gratin with Local Cheese

Potato Fennel Gratin 2

This is a story in which I make an ass of myself. But it has a happy ending.

It started with a visit to the farmers’ market, and a chat with a cheesemaker. In introducing a cheese to me, he mentioned that it was a great grating cheese, good for grating over potatoes, good for uses similar . . . → Read More: Potato and Fennel Gratin with Local Cheese

Day-After Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock 5

I shared earlier our family’s tried-and-true method for roasting a chicken the simple, non-gourmet way. Now I’ll show you the aftermath. Pretty much every single chicken that gets roasted around here gets a second (or third?) life as stock.

Alice Waters uses an entire chicken to make her stock. I think I once watched the . . . → Read More: Day-After Chicken Stock

Roast Chicken With Root Vegetables

Roast Chicken with Thermometer

So what the heck does a locavore eat in April?

Um, go ask someone else. Ever since my toddler gave up that morning nap – that during-big-sister’s-preschool-morning-nap that was my only alone time – well, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to devote to unraveling the mysteries of the jerusalem artichoke. I am Mommy first, . . . → Read More: Roast Chicken With Root Vegetables

Garlicky, Lemony Kale Salad

Kale Salad

Oh, who knew raw kale could be so delicious? Who knew it was even edible? Maybe you knew. I didn’t.

A while back, I came across this recipe for a kale salad with garlicky, lemony, pecorino-y dressing. I’d heard rumors that one could eat kale raw, but I didn’t quite believe them. I tried it. Oh my goodness. I . . . → Read More: Garlicky, Lemony Kale Salad