What is Bethesda Locavore?

Bethesda: An amazing little town just outside of DC. We’re known for our great restaurants, excellent schools, and pricey homes, but we’ve also got a growing green conscience and fantastic access to locally grown and produced foods.

Locavore: A person who prefers to eat food that is locally grown and/or produced.

Me: Just a local mama, former science teacher, raising two small children and attempting to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Michael Pollan fan, Alice Waters wannabe, fascinated by No Impact Man yet still driving my (used) minivan and often finding myself too harried with small-kid-craziness to be truly sustainable. I want a flock of chickens in my backyard like nobody’s business.

This Blog: I’m seeking out local foods from small farmers. I’m learning how to cook with the seasons. I’m trying to raise my children to really appreciate the farm-food connection. I’m trying to learn how to live a more environmentally friendly life, which can be pretty freaking overwhelming when you really think about it – and I’m a busy mom, I’m trying to hold onto my sanity. So I’m trying to find that place where living sustainably, eating joyfully, and not losing my mind intersect. I think that place is different for each of us – but it’s easier to get to when the journey is shared.