Hiking and Making Changes

My daughter and I went hiking today. It was one of those spontaneous hikes where you explore and discover places you never knew existed so close to home.

She joyfully ran ahead, choosing our path, scrambling over rocks, stopping to make little discoveries. We listened to the birds and threw pebbles into the stream. It was a very quiet day, and she was entranced by the sound of the stream running over the rocks. It was lovely and very restorative for both of us.

Anyway, I just thought I’d check in with you guys. I am still here. Doing lots of stuff like this. Parenting. Playing outside. Cooking. Washing the dishes. Missing my blog, missing the interaction with people like you who read things like this, and who write things like this (and may be wondering why I’m not stopping by to read and comment on your stuff). I miss all of that. But right now, my focus is here.

My kids love nature. The more I can get them out in it, the happier we all are.

I’m going to make some changes to this blog. It’ll be under construction – slowly, very slowly – as I tweak and rearrange and even change the name. I’m broadening my scope. I’m not just a (partial) locavore – I’m a nature geek, I’m slightly obsessed with sustainability, I’m a mother who encourages kids to dig up the backyard and play with the bugs. There’s so much more to discuss! In the meantime, I am spending a little time over on twitter, do come say hello!

Happy Spring,

Confessions From a Semi-Green Life


I have a confession to make. I am not all that green.

Oh, I think about being green all the time, but usually when I’m busy not being green.

I fantasize about a Prius V -  in fact, I cheerfully greet each Prius V that I pass with a chirpy “hellooo, Prius V!” as though we will soon . . . → Read More: Confessions From a Semi-Green Life

Stymied by Radishes

Radishes and Turnips

My CSA is about to begin delivery. I am very excited. I am also aware that I am about to be presented with a situation.


Here, with some turnips. Turnips, I can handle. I do like them roasted. But radishes … oh, what on earth do you do with radishes? I have never, ever, ever . . . → Read More: Stymied by Radishes

Really, Who Has the Time?

Beets from Garden

This local eating thing does take some extra time, doesn’t it? I am gradually coming to the painful conclusion that at this point in my life (the kids will be 3 and 6 this summer) we simply don’t have the time for weekend farmers’ market runs, weekend grocery runs, birthday parties, family outings, and . . . → Read More: Really, Who Has the Time?

Occupy Our Food Supply – Go Hug A Farmer

Polyface Cows

Monday is a day to Occupy Our Food Supply.

Why, yes. Let’s occupy our food supply. Factories have no business feeding us – that is a job for farmers. Real farmers who care for the land, care for the soil, care for the animals – and who deserve to hold an exalted position in society.

So, in honor . . . → Read More: Occupy Our Food Supply – Go Hug A Farmer